Man Seeks The Company Of Mid-Aged Escort

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  • August 3, 2018
  • There was a married 55 year-old man who was completely denied sex by his wife. She had long lost interest in sex, while he still desired it so much. So he finally decided he would hire a mid-aged escort to fulfill his desire. They agreed to meet at a local hotel to do the deed. When she arrived he was ready for her.

    He lifted the escort’s dress and reached for her waistline, started caressing her going down and slid his middle finger in her vagina. The lady moaned, he pushed it further and started making slow thrusts. The lady leaned against the wall and could not maintain her balance due to the intensity between thighs. He eased the lady on the bed where she opened his trousers’ zipper and reached out for his dick. She nibbled it with her teeth making him feel tickled yet, aroused. She first did a blow job up to the ring and then engulfed it in whole. The man held her by the back of her head and pressed her closer to his groin. He was now in charge making her swallow the whole of his dick in fast thrusts. The look on her face was full of passion and determination. He felt a strong urge to ejaculate in her mouth, and she managed to eject him just in time.

    After the man and the escort undressed, the man got on top of the escort who was lying on her back, and they started having sex in a missionary position. The escort lifted her heels and placed them on his shoulders. The man leaned forward and lifted her heels even further to the level above her head. He could now have a clear view of her succulent pussy as he thrust her. The lady helped him hold her heels into the air from time to time as he lost his manhood in her. He held her hands at the back of her head with her heels resting on his shoulders, and the lady was utterly pinned down as his thrusts became faster and more in-depth. Each was asking for more as the fuck climaxed. He finally let go of her hands, and they lay beside each other gasping for breath and commending each other for the fuck of a century.

    After he regained his erection, he started whacking her again in a missionary position, and then lifted her legs in the air by her feet with both hands while sitting on his heels. He continued screwing her with her legs opened wide, displaying the honey jar for him. He now became more attracted to watching the movement of his penis slide in and out of the escort’s pussy. The escort felt a bit shy but was undoubtedly enjoying the slow thrusts.

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